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Open thread for night owls: ‘America is Not for Black People’

“We know this, and then we put it out of our minds, and then something happens to remind us.” By all accounts, Brown was One Of The Good Ones. But laying all this out, explaining all the ways in which he didn’t deserve to die like a dog in the street, is in itself disgraceful. […]

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  • A New Way to Silence Mumia Abu-Jamal 2014/10/22
    The state of Pennsylvania wants to silence Mumia Abu-Jamal--and just past a blatantly unconstitutional new law that is an attack on press freedom. Where's the media outrage?
    Peter Hart
  • A 'Worthless and Whiny' Attack on a Genuine Journalistic Hero 2014/10/21
    The Washington Post was one of the major newspapers to attack Gary Webb for his revelations about the CIA-backed Contras and the crack epidemic. It's 2014, and they're still at it.
    Peter Hart

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